Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you are familiar with all of the Terms and Conditions listed below before booking in for lessons

Section 1: Trial Lessons

  • New students are eligible for one half price half hour trial lesson (in studio, one instrument only).

  • If a student misses a trial lesson, they are eligible for one reschedule.

  • Should a student miss their rescheduled time, they are no longer entitled to a free trial, and must book in for a term (if wishing to continue).

Section 2: General

  • Teachers have the right to suspend any lessons as they see fit. This could be due but not limited to issues such as student illness, teacher/student safety, inappropriate behaviour… etc.

  • Certified teachers are authorised to perform first aid on all students if necessary. Parents/Emergency contacts will be notified immediately should this occur.

  • Hayley Chalmers Music Studio is not liable for any injury (including death) that occurs while on the premises.

  • No food is permitted on the premises.

Section 3: Student/Parent/Guardian Obligations 

  • If a student fails to arrive at their scheduled time (for any reason), they forfeit the time missed.

  • If a student arrives early the teacher reserves the right to begin the lesson at the original lesson time. You are welcome to arrive no early then 15 minutes to your lesson.

  • Students are encouraged to have access to the instrument they are learning (for practice) and resources used in lessons (such as books, folders, etc.).

  • If a student/visitor is responsible for damage while on the premises, they must provide full reimbursement.

  • Students/visitors must be respectful and act appropriately regarding noise, behaviour, and space, within the confines of the property. Should teachers observe inappropriate activity, students/visitors will be asked to leave the premises (no lesson refunds).

  • Students under the age of 18 years old must have adult supervision on site while waiting for and leaving a lesson.

  • Students/visitors must stay within the confines of the designated waiting room and studio areas (including toilet and bathroom) and are not permitted to enter other areas of the premises.

  • If equipment or materials are stolen by a student/visitor, the remainder of their term lessons will be terminated without refund. They must also replace stolen goods. 

  • If student attends a lesson with illness they are required to wear protection, ie. face mask, hand sanitizer (to be supplied by studio).

  • Teachers have the right to suspend a lesson should they deem a student at risk of contamination to themselves/other people. In this instance a lesson voucher may be provided at the discretion of the teacher. 

Section 4: Bookings:

  • Allocated lesson time slots will be held for 24 hours after trial attendance. Following this, the original time cannot be guaranteed.

  • Bookings and enquiries can only be made via booking website, email, or website intake form. Unauthorised visits to the premises (including enquires) are not permitted, including during opening hours.

  • Bookings/time slots are only finalised once payment has been received.

  • Available lesson durations consist of 15 minutes (at the discretion of the teacher and availability, for under 4’s only), 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.

  • Students are entitled to one makeup lesson per term, at the discretion of availability. Should no time slots be available within designated lesson hours, students will forfeit the lesson with no refund.

  • Makeups must be taken within the current term.

  • In extreme circumstances such as hospital admission, a lesson voucher may be offered at the discretion of the teacher (to be used at any point within the year).

  • Lesson vouchers must be presented in hard copy to be eligible for use.

  • Terms are dictated by the Queensland public school term school calendar, which can be found at https://education.qld.gov.au/about-us/calendar/term-dates.

  • If a student enrols during a current school term, they will only be invoiced for the remainder of lessons within the term.

  • If a student wishes to discontinue part way through a term, their payment will not be refunded.

  • If lessons fall on a public holiday, students are still expected to attend unless advised otherwise by the teacher. A full list of term dates is available on the website.

  • Bookings refer to consecutive weekly lessons.

  • Cancellations (including medical) will result in loss of lesson with no refund. However, should a valid medical certificate be presented, lesson vouchers may be provided at the teacher’s discretion. 

  • Allocated time-slots are finalised for the duration of the term. Any changes are at the discretion of availability/ the teacher.

Section 5: Finance

  • No refunds permitted once payments have been received.

  • Payments are due at the start of the term (before lessons commence) and must cover the entire duration of the term (invoiced amount).

  • Invoices will be sent to the provided email and will include details on term lesson prices, GST (if applicable), payment options, and due dates.

  • If the invoiced amount is outstanding, lessons will not continue, and the reserved time slot will no longer be guaranteed.

  • Payments are excepted via direct deposit (details on invoice), cash and by card.

  • Confirmation of payments will be sent via email and contain the relevant invoice number.

  • Merchandise payments must be made before the items are taken.

  • Payment plans are available to students at the teacher’s discretion. If permitted, 50% of the term fees will be due before the lessons commence at the start of the term, with the remaining 50% to be paid before the second half of lessons (due date to be provided in invoice).

Section 6: Lesson Vouchers

  • Lesson vouchers will be given out directly to the student, at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Hard copies of the lesson vouchers must be given to the teacher prior to the lesson, or the lesson will be cancelled.

  • If lesson vouchers are lost, the students forfeit the right to take the lesson.

  • Lesson voucher numbers must be quoted when booking in a lesson.

  • It is at the discretion of the teacher to provide more than one lesson voucher per term.

  • No rescheduling is permitted, and cancellations result in loss of the lesson.

  • In extreme circumstances, a lesson voucher may be emailed to the student at the teacher’s discretion.

Section 7: Teacher obligations

  • Teachers are to provide quality music lessons, appropriate for the students age.

  • Teachers must hold a relevant bachelor’s degree in performing arts.

  • Teachers must legally have a current working with children blue card/ police check.

  • It is at the discretion of the teacher to prepare a student for an exam. Results are not guaranteed.

  • Teachers have the right to cancel a lesson. Should this occur, students will be notified as soon as possible and be given a lesson voucher (to use anytime within 12 months of receiving the voucher).

  • Teachers have the right to provide a substitute teacher.

  • If the student refuses to continue the lesson with the substitute, it will be considered a cancelled lesson with no refund provided.

  • Teachers are not liable for student’s well-being (physical and mental).

  • Certified first aid responders are permitted to administer emergency first aid but are not liable for the outcome.

  • Teachers are not obliged to assist students medically.

  • Teachers are not obliged to attend or assist with student performances or exams.

  • Teachers are not obliged to provide materials or equipment to students (such as work/music sheets, books, instruments, equipment).

Section 8: Casual Lessons

  • One off lessons are offered, subject to availability.

  • The rate for casual lessons is slightly higher, as time slots are usually reserved for term bookings.

  • All payments must be received before the lesson takes place.

  • All cancellations are non-refundable.

  • Bookings and enquiries can only be made booking website, email, or website intake form. Unauthorised visits to the premises (including enquires) are not permitted, including opening hours.

  • Causal lesson durations can be 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Casual students are not offered a free trial.

  • Sections 2,3,4, 5, 6 and 7 of these terms and conditions also apply to casual students, excluding specific policies on making whole term payments, and attending lessons for the duration of a whole term.


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