Price List

Trial lesson (Half Price)

1 x 30 minute lesson


Perfect for anyone who is excited to take the first step in their musical journey. You'll get to know your teacher and start to devise an individualised plan based upon your needs. 

Term: 15 minute lessons

10 x 15 minute lessons


Under 4's only.

Perfect for all the little ones who are excited to start lessons, but not quite ready to tackle a full half an hour

Term: 30 minute lessons

10 x 30 minute lessons


Great for kids, teens, and adults who are just starting out! 

Term: 60 minute lessons

10 x 60 minute lessons


 For those teens/ adults who are really keen and think that half an hour is just too short! 

Casual Lesson:30 minutes

1 x 30 minute lesson


Great for those looking for a quick "tune up" of their technique, but can't commit to a full term.

Casual Lesson: 60 minutes

1 x 60 minute lesson


Ideal for those who want a full musical workout to enrich their technique, but can't commit to a full term. 


Monday-Friday- 3:00pm - 8:00pm



7 Yeoman Street, Chapel Hill, 4069


Tel: 0431728075

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