Lessons suited for all ages!


Lessons are aimed at developing both general musicality, as well as vocal technique. You will learn about the voice, how it works and functions, as well as the body and how that aids in singing.

You do not need to be able to read music to sing! In fact, I spend little to no time working with traditional notation, unless it is of particular interest for a student. Instead I cover much more practical skills and theories, which will help boost musical confidence.

YOU sing the music YOU want to sing! I love spending time finding out every student’s personal musical tastes and musical goals, getting you singing the songs that you’re passionate about and want to sing.

Take advantage of a professional grade home studio, to get high quality recordings of songs you’ve been working on!

Also get excited about self-accompaniment lessons, available for both piano and guitar. Feel empowered to play while you sing!


I tread very lightly with children’s voices, due to their underdeveloped and fragile nature. We will work on developing a healthy sound, embracing the fluid nature of the young voice to feel free and comfortable while singing. We will develop musicality, pitch, articulation and breathing, while looking at posture and alignment. I think it’s very important to keep lessons fast paced, upbeat, and LOTS OF FUN to create a long-term love with singing.


It can be a very awkward phase for not only boys, but girls too! It is so important to push through and keep singing through all of the changes that are not only happening to the body, but the voice too. We will delve into developing a healthy technique, define and strengthen different registers,  as well as develop musically.


Don’t be afraid to start! I promise that it is NEVER TOO LATE! Learning as an adult can be a great way to have fun and peruse something that perhaps you’ve always wanted. Professionals are welcome too! We will look at different sounds and feelings in the voice, developing a healthy and sustainable technique. We will work together to plan different goals and outcomes, while singing the music that you want to be singing.


In my experience you can teach an old dog new tricks! There are so many health benefits to singing, both physically and emotionally - so why not treat yourself to some lessons? Singing can be so much fun! We will spend lots of time developing different breathing techniques to help get the most out of your voice, and we will sing the songs that you want to sing!


Monday-Friday- 3:00pm - 8:00pm



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